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My mom was living alone at the age of 81, and when a great job opportunity came up for me two days’ drive away, I was hesitant to accept because I wouldn't be near to help her with those daily tasks that were becoming too much for her. Together, we visited, to see if there were any assisted living alternatives she would be comfortable with. Through this site, we found a wonderful home care provider for mom, I was able to take the new job, and we both breathe easier.” – Patricia, advertising executive

A great resource. When I hurt my back at work and was temporarily incapacitated, I found Senior Assisted Living online to see what my options were. They helped me find an assisted living home in my area with a caring, professional staff who helped me with my daily activities during the months I was in physical therapy. Someday, I may need a more permanent assisted living arrangement, and I’ll be back.” – Paul C, bus driver



Senior Assisted Living is a for the senior and for relatives or friends who will be searching for AL for their parent and/or loved one. We feature providers of assisted living like homes, facilities, home care and the best CCRC communities in your state as a guide to assisted living. .

Senior Assisted Living has many names, sometimes depending on what part of the country you are in, such as:

  • Adult congregate living
  • Senior living communities
  • Continuing Care Retirement Communities
  • Personal care homes
  • AL centers
  • Independent living
  • Retirement home
  • Senior housing
  • Long term care

"The staff at our mom's assisted living community have been great. They are well trained and know it is a hard choice for some families. It makes us all sleep better at night knowing she is safe and well taken care of."

Senior Assisted Living | Communities - Homes - Facitlities - Centers

Welcome to Senior Assisted Living, where seniors or their loved ones can find the ideal assisted living home with the right level of assistance for their individual needs. If you are ready to explore options for assisted living residences, the site search box below is good place to begin. Simply enter the name of a state you are interested in to see what is available in that area. We feature providers of assisted living alternatives such as multi-resident homes, facilities, in-home care, and the best Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC) available state by state. To the right you can find short descriptions and links to our Home Care Guide and Continuing Care Retirement Communities Guide. If you are uncertain about the precise living situation or level of assistance that will be required, here on our website you can find out more about the wide range of daily living and personal assistance alternatives available.


Senior Assisted Living Explained

The term “Assisted Living” refers to residential facilities geared toward seniors who need some help with activities of daily living on a regular basis, but who do not require nursing or medical care. The overall atmosphere of most of these homes is relaxed and peaceful. Assisted living residences generally offer the option of meals with others in a dining room setting, social and wellness activities, and recreation to support a well-rounded and mentally stimulating lifestyle.
The assistance provided by staff in assisted living homes varies according to the needs of each resident, but can include housekeeping and laundry, meal preparation, transportation, personal care (such as help with eating, bathing, dressing, and toileting), security, and health monitoring. Staff is available 24 hours a day to meet both scheduled and unscheduled needs. Most of these adult care residences offer between 25 and 120 suites, varying in size from a single room to a full apartment. Rooms and apartments at assisted living facilities are usually rented rather than purchased, and are for seniors only. Long-term care may be available if the facility is part of a CCRC; short term visits or respite care is usually available as well. #assistedliving

guide to assisted living

Types of Senior Assisted Living Homes

There are many choices for adult care residences. There is no single blueprint for assisted living because residents’ preferences and needs vary widely. Although all types of these communities fall under the “assisted living” umbrella, some have stricter guidelines or residential options not provided by others. As a guide to assisted living, below is a list of different types of assisted living homes, with brief descriptions of what they offer:

Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC): These long-term continuing care facilities combine independent living, assisted living, and nursing care in one complex. The assisted living area may consist of small personal apartments or individual rooms.

Personal Care Homes: Smaller assisted living residences usually run for profit by independent providers. Several seniors reside together in a home setting that has full-time on-site staff, sharing family-style meals and social activities -- sometimes not as well regulated as licensed assisted living facilities.

Assisted Living Apartments or Condominiums: Residents live in their own private apartment. There is usually no special medical monitoring equipment in the individual living spaces, and nursing staff at the facility may be part time. Full-time on-site staff is available for scheduled and unscheduled personal care needs, housekeeping is provided, and meals are usually cooked and served.

Dormitory-Style Senior Living: Individual living spaces resemble a dorm or hotel room, with private or semi-private sleeping areas and shared bathrooms. Common areas are available for socializing, and meals are usually served in a dining area.


Assisted living is an excellent option for seniors seeking an independent lifestyle, while also receiving help customized to meet their wants and needs with daily activities. Residents enjoy social interactions and recreation that can enrich their lives, support well-being, and promote family connectedness. There are many alternatives for your future living arrangement. Seniors or family members can use the information we have compiled on Senior Assisted Living to find the perfect home and living situation to meet seniors’ personal care needs. In the right assisted living home, individuals can continue to live with independence and dignity, and loved ones will have a sense of peace, knowing that their family member is cared for and safe at all times. #assistedliving

Home Care Guide

Home care is assistance provided in your own home rather than in an assisted living facility. Although full-time home care can be expensive, part time (scheduled) home care may not be as costly as residence in an assisted living home. Home care can help seniors live independently longer, increasing quality of life. If you are considering assisted living, you may also want to consider home care options.

Best CCRC Care Communities

On each state page we have featured assisted living communities and the best CCRC (continuing care retirement communities) that include assisted living on campus. This can be advantageous when a transfer to a skilled nursing becomes necessary.

Assisted Living Homes

AL homes have become common in recent years and many wealthier areas are seeing an increasing supply of assisted living homes, many of which cater to higher income seniors. Urban areas are more likely to have assisted living homes than rural areas. Counties with assisted living homes have higher incomes and more people have college degrees.

There are at estimated 40,000 AL homes in America accommodating a million residents. There is usually little government assistance with the cost of assisted living so they are mostly paid for with your private funds. The growth of assisted living is increasing with the retirement of the baby boomer generation but supply is not expected to keep up with demand in future years.

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